Friday, November 10, 2006

Halloween pix

yeah, I know I'm late for Halloween -- it was 10 days ago after all! My only excuses are we've been busy and I really have to fight for computer time lately!

Here are some pictures of folks we know and love in Halloween costumes.

Dan -- not in costume -- with Eliza watching the fortune teller crystal ball at a friend's house on Halloween.

Andy had made a robot costume out of a cardboard box, spray-painted red, for the Friday party. By Halloween, he'd decided to wear his old standby cape instead and carried a trident we got at the thrift store. Dan chose a phantom costume on that Friday, abandoned it early on, then spent two days obsessed with finding his favorite batman cape. We found it, literally on our way out the door to go trick-or-treating. By then, we'd acquired two cheap capes, and found another (less desirable apparently) cape. So he had a selection of four! He chose the two fabric capes (the cheapies were plastic) -- one front and one in back, and announced he was a floating head! We had a great time trick or treating with Scotty & Eliza, while Andy went with the older kids.

The latest in Halloween fashions for truly tribal Moms!

Dan reaching behind to close the door on Scotty's costume -- a mini-van made out of a cardboard box. They had a great time playing with it at the park the day before Halloween -- it mounts onto the pedal car that seemingly goes everywhere with Scotty these days. Scotty wore/drove it trick or treating, too. It was a big hit!

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