Friday, November 10, 2006

Our own gang of four

Dan and three buddies had a great time at the park this past Monday. All three boys are kids he's played with before. This gang consists of his best buddy Scotty, and Conor, with whom we share most Fridays -- they made their first visit to our Monday playdate this week -- and another 5yo boy from the Monday playgroup. As Dan says, "two 6-year olds and two 5-year olds." Dan's in the red shirt, Scotty in blue -- it can hard for even me & Jenny to tell them apart sometimes.

The first time together for all four was a beautiful day at our regular park. As a bonus, the park workers ran the sprinklers for a short time -- maybe to flush it out before winter. The boys caught some sprinkler time, then climbed onto the tire swing. Turns out 4 is the perfect number for a tire swing that holds 3 boys, if you can agree on turns to push the swing!

Dan & Conor sharing (or fighting for) a turn pushing the swing

Does this mean Conor won?

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