Sunday, November 19, 2006

a slow week

The waterworks at the pool where we spend Weds evenings.

We had a kinda slow week around here. Dan fought off a cold -- and sent it running my way -- and we took it easy. We did still get out for swimming on Weds night. This has become a new weekly outing with our tribe. The pool has a big slide, waterworks and enough lifeguards that I can sit and watch rather than being in the water. It helps that both boys swim like fish.
Dan having a snack at the pool.

On Thursday, Dan built a fort in my bedroom. Here it looks more like the detritus of a wild party, but that was the closest I could get with a camera.

Friday, we went to the movies. It was a last minute decision, so we caught the city bus since we didn't have the car. I took a moment to notify our e-group we were going and Crystal & Sorscha met us there. Completely by coincidence, we ran into to another family from the tribe who had tickets for the movie, too! We had a great time watching Flushed Away, which is a great movie. I loved the music and the story was more fun than the average kids' movie.

And yesterday, we got heat!!!! We'd been freezing at night -- and baking by day to stay warm -- while we waited thru unexpected delays in getting the furnace repaired and serviced for winter. Yesterday, the wait was over -- and for less cost than I had feared -- today, I sit at the computer feeling toasty warm. Best of all, the furnace here is much quieter than the one in our last house.

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