Friday, December 01, 2006

Boating in the bathtub

No, we haven't sent them out sailing in a bathtub -- they're playing with Andy's remote control boat in our big bathtub. For Andy's birthday, he recieved this boat from a friend. When he opened it, the remote controller was missing. Seems the Mom who bought it had taken the controller out to put in batteries, then lost it. Weeks of checking back with her and it never turned up. We were mid-move, and very busy so the boat got put in the backyard shed and was forgotten.

Some time last week, it occurred to me that maybe the controller from Andy's car could control the boat, if the frequency matched. Gary said it might work, and I mentioned that possibility to Andy a few days ago.

Earlier today, Dan was rummaging in the shed. He found the boat, cleaned it up and took it into Andy to try the controller. After much trying, they declared it a failure. Andy was very bummed. Then a few moments later, he was equally bummed when he found the batteries in his car were dead. Wait a minute -- these are the same batteries he used in the boat experiment! I dug out some new batteries, and Andy wanted to also check the 9-volt in the hand unit. I pulled it out, put it to my tongue and declared it still good. Andy asked how I knew that and I told him I knew because I'd tested it on my tongue. This was a new technique for him - Gary uses an actual voltmeter to test batteries. Andy asked how it felt. I told him I really couldn't explain it, that it shocked a bit, but didn't really hurt. He tried it -- and decided it did hurt a bit, but now he knows how to check a 9-volt.

We got the batteries all in the right places, and it worked! Andy and Dan were thrilled and wanted to run right out to the park with a pond and try it out. Now, it's 4:45pm, getting dark and about 25 degrees outside -- no way are we going to the park now. They asked if they could try the boat out in my garden tub. While they were at it, Dan 'earned' a quarter by being able to stand in the very cold bathwater for a count of 60 -- a deal offered to him by Andy.

Andy at the controls - it was very hard to get a shot with the boat & Andy.

The boat being driven by Andy, while Dan watches.

Dan driving the boat in the bathtub.

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Anonymous said...

Yay for 9volt battery goodness. I remember when I learned that trick when I was a kid and tortured myself time and time again doing it. I will have to remember to ask the boys if they know about it. I am so happy that you got the boat working, how fun.