Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Snow, snow and more snow!

We'd been hearing for several days that a 'major winter storm' was headed our way. Given the sparse snow since we moved here in '98, I expected an inch or two. Or even that we'd be missed altogether. Andy was hoping for a foot or more of snow. The storm split the difference, giving us 6" of snow yesterday.

Early in the day, both boys went out in summer shoes, with Andy in shorts (okay, he stayed in shorts all day) and Dan in a t-shirt (that did change, as you can see in later pix). It was much too cold for that -- I was in pants, a sweater and shoes, and still shivering. Here they're harvesting snow from Gary's car.

Later in the day, making snowballs from the trampoline and throwing them at the house. Both boys are wearing real shoes now, and Dan even has a real coat on. Andy wore his hoodie only because the sleeves worked as gloves since his were left in the car, which was with Gary at work. This morning, he unearthed the gloves in the car, ready for more snow play today.

Andy's snow ball throwing technique. He'd already thrown the snowball, this was purely for demonstration purposes.
Dan with a snow-pie, made early in the day, since he's still wearing a t-shirt, tho he did remember to put on his gloves!

Andy harvesting snow on the tramp, while Dan throws snow balls at the house.

Dan made this snow volcano. I had told the boys I would send some of these photos to Grandma & Grandpa in Hawaii, so they could see our snow. Andy said, "don't they get snow there?" He should know that, but then again he doesn't remember the winter trip we made -- only his summer visits. I replied that they do get snow up on the volcano, Mauna Kea. Next thing I know, Dan's showing me a snow volcano! Pretty cool connections.

Who says a trampoline is only a warm weather diversion? Ours gets use year round -- even in the snow!

Andy with his snow-pie -- much later in the day, given the presence of an actual coat on the boy!
Andy making a snow angel at the edge of the driveway.
On his way home from work, Gary bought a snow shovel - our last one has been MIA for years -- it was last seen as a signpost for the Welcome Home Daniel sign made by Andy and Grandpa in January of 01.
After Gary had cleared the driveway and sidewalk at the street, the boys insisted on shoveling the walk at the front of the house and the steps to the door. After dark, when it was really cold!
A little more snow fell this morning, and boys went outside for a few minutes. Dan came in with a 12-oz plastic cup crammed full of snow and wanted to melt it. I suggested he put it in the microwave for 30 seconds or so. He was amazed at how little water was in the cup after the snow melted.

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DaikiniCrossroads ~Crystal~ said...

Cool pics! Sorscha too wore flip flops until her feet were getting totally frozen. She actually opted for snow pants eventually (I KNOW!!). hehe She was still sledding down the back hill at 10:00 PM.

Jenny's should be really fun tomorrow with all the snow there too!