Friday, December 15, 2006

Some recent random photos

In posting here I came across some photos I really wanted to share, but hadn't posted in any other stories. So here they are.

Dan loves to help me cook, especially cutting anything. Here's he's chopping up potatoes for soup. He's tried to work with a 'safer' butter knife but found it too frustrating so now he uses a real knife. He's careful and very precise in his chopping methods.

Dan & Gary reading at night. Most nights Gary reads to each boy in turn. Generally it's from a Garfield or some other comics collection book, and sound of laughter -- from both Dad & boy -- fills the house. What a lovely way to end a day.

On a recent Saturday afternoon, the boys flew paper airplanes and played on the monkey bars -- when they weren't on the swings or chasing each other!

Andy on the Monkey bars. He's almost too tall for those bars at what's been our favorite playground since he was 3.

Dan on the monkey bars

Dan with his helicopter -- he's a little frustrated that it won't fly exactly the way he imagined it would.

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