Friday, December 15, 2006

Clan Tynker & good news!

This past Wednesday afternoon -- after a great time hanging out with the tribe at the McNeill's house in Rio Rancho, we all headed over to the new library to see a performance by Clan Tynker which is a fabulous troupe of medieval-renaissance style performers. It was an amazing show and the kids loved it! Here's the whole gang -- Cole, Sorscha, Parker, Andy, Dan (trying to escape the photo!) and Spencer. We managed to talk them (well, Dan was there under protest) into posing for a couple of shots.

Andy spent most of the hour long show just like this -- totally enraptured. He clapped and laughed and danced and played air drums. He was just in heaven with the whole show.

Elijah -- who acted as MC for the show -- contact juggling with small crystal balls. Here he's working with 3 -- on his way up to 5!

Rebekah with the Polynesian Poi Balls. Later in the performance, she (and Marigold) had both balls by cords in one hand -- spinning in opposite directions!

Elijah juggling balls -- he started with three, then moved up to seven. When it was time to add one more, he announced he'd now juggle eight balls -- and came out with three billiard 8-balls! The kids loved that one!

Juggling pins -- they did this singly and in pairs, even switching back and forth with pins in mid-air -- they did the same with balls, too.

The finale was sword-swallowing -- with two different swords. The first was a finer blade, like a fencing sword. The one in this picture had a flatter, thicker blade like a small broadsword.

It was just an amazing day all around -- we left the library to find a text message from Gary telling me he'd been offered the job he really wanted, and could say no to other offer he'd not been really happy about. So, the lay-off leads to an even better job --and 4 wks of double pay with the severance package.


Jenny said...

Oooh that looked like a good one. I'm such a hermit lately and with Scotty being the same way it's so easy to just stay home. But now you are all falling victim to my evil plan to bring you here bwahaaaahahaa.
I'm excited for Thursday!


DaikiniCrossroads ~Crystal~ said...

YES that was such a fabulous day. I am definitely looking forward to our new Thursdays...and Jenny...I'm too very excited for this Thursday. heehee