Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Andy's a teenager

It started just like any other day.....

So much fuss is made about the arbitrarily designated stages in our lives -- becoming a teenager; starting middle-school; starting high-school; turning 18 or 21. It's all part of the journey and the days tend to run together from where I sit.

Andy has told us that turning 13 will mean he's not a kid anymore, but a teenager. I don't know what that means to him yet, but I'm sure he'll still be the sweet, loving, funny Andy we've always known and loved.

We're having a party in the park, with pizza, cake & drinks and an abundance of amazing friends, many we've known since before Andy was 10.

Bonnie & her boys drove 4 hrs in from Arizona to be here for the celebration. They also spent time with the tribe yesterday, but that's another post.

Very big day here. I'm sure I'll post more as the day unfolds.

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