Monday, June 08, 2009

Virgins No More...

... not Cliff's Virgins, at least.

This past Friday, the boys had their first day at Cliff's Amusement Park. It's a local amusement park. Not as elaborate as, say, Kings Dominion or Six Flags, but plenty of fun with some really great rides. Cliff's is an Albuquerque institution, celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. One the defining characteristics of who grew up in Albuquerque is whether you still trip up occasionally and call it "Uncle Cliff's" which it was until sometime in the 80's. I guess the Uncle reference just wasn't PC enough for this generation.

Andy remembered visiting Six Flags in 2004. Dan didn't, so for him it was a completely new experience. Both boys have been to the State Fair, but Cliff's is so much better than the Fair midway. Even better, the rides weren't assembled in one night by carnies!

I hadn't been Cliff's since Jr High (32 yrs ago - yikes!) and it's changed a lot. I knew it had bigger, better rides because you can see them from the road, but I had no idea how much they manage to fit into the small land area the park occupies.

The boys had an amazing time. Dan rode the Cliff Hanger (a 100ft tower drop ride) at least 20 times, the Rattler wooden roller coaster twice, the Fireball (a loop train ride) 4 times, and so many more. Andy loved the Himalaya and Tilt-a-Whirl which he rode several times, and the log flume ride once. No Cliff Hanger or roller coasters for him, tho he did ride the Scrambler a few times -- which Dan also enjoyed. We'll have to get back to Cliff's sometime later this summer with Gary.

I didn't get a lot of good pictures -- too much speed on the rides -- but here's what I did get.

Waiting for the Himalaya to start, hamming it up
Andy's meditative pose

during the ride

Dan in a quiet moment

On the Cliff Hanger, climbing up

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