Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Party pictures

We had a fabulous time at the park on Tuesday for Andy's birthday. Lots of pizza (too much, we're still eating pizza), delicious cake, wonderful friends, beautiful weather. Just fantastic all around. I got some pictures, tho not as many as I wanted. I missed several great shots because I didn't have the camera nearby often enough.

Usually, I get a picture of the cake before we dig in. This time 'round, we were all so busy having fun I forgot until I got the cake home. Here's what was left. You can see Andy's name on the piece saved for him to have later.

Thanks Grandpa & Grandma for treating us to the yummy cake!

One of the favorite features of this park is the top and bottom spinners.

There was tractor wagon surfing that looked dangerous enough to require helmets.
Miles driving, Dan surfing, Forest pushing.

Susan had gone to check on how the wrestling was going.
You'd think the boys would, at some point, tire of wrestling, but you'd be wrong!

How many boys will a tree hold? Andy was negotiating for his place.

He got in -- along with 4 others.

I'm not sure you can see them all, but there were 5 boys in the tree,
and more asking for someone to move over and make more room

And the very tall rope climber, with Dan at the top.

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