Thursday, January 11, 2007

Andy's new online passion

Andy has discovered fan flash videos online -- thanks Crystal for that first link! I went online and grabbed several links for Naruto fan flash videos. These are videos made by fans, using software like macromedia flash, with popular songs overlaid onto the animated (in this case) videos of known characters. He wants to make his own collection of flash videos. We've agreed we'll sit down next week -- on that mythical day when we'll be less busy -- to try the different packages folks online suggested and give it a try!

He's also discovered World of Warcraft -- again, thanks to the Millers! Dave, we'll be calling you soon for that intro set-up to WoW.

I think here Andy is playing air-drums along with the video -- either that or he's dancing along with the 'real ninjas go commando' video!

Again, more video play along.

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DaikiniCrossroads ~Crystal~ said...

First me with the flash videos then my husband with WoW...sorry! heehee Call us anytime if you need help.

The once home schooling family who forbid internet & video games.