Saturday, January 27, 2007

The aquarium

After learning that we'd arrived at the zoo too late to get a train ticket to the aquarium, we decided to drive there. Before we could go inside, tho, the boys had to check out the ice on the pond at the entrance. It's not frozen solid, of course, Dan was worried Andy might fall in, so he anchored him while they explored.
The boys insisted on at least one picture of a small manta ray. They love the 'face' on the lower side, visible as the rays skim along the windows built into the walls of the tank.
The jellyfish tank, with Andy's hand on it. Both boys love the jellies.
At the shark/big fish tank. While were there two scuba divers were in the tank. It looked like they were doing a rescue drill, as one diver carried the other to the surface, after dropping heavy gear from his belt. A few moments later, the 'rescued' diver was back to retrieve his gear, and it was clear it had all been perfectly planned, not an emergency.
The boys were very impressed by the teeth on this shark.

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