Thursday, January 25, 2007

I've been tagged -- twice!

So, I've been tagged twice today -- thanks Jenny & Crystal. Please say this doesn't mean I have to share 12 weird things about myself. Altho I could come up with that many, I'm not sure my assorted neuroses could stand the scrutiny!

1. I cannot deal cards clockwise -- only counterclockwise and left-handed. I am truly unable to do it any other way.

2. I virtually always wake just moments before the alarm goes off. That's not to say I wake at the same time every day, just that if I set an alarm (or someone else I'm sleeping with does) for a particular time, I wake just in time to turn it off before it sounds.

3. I count things -- okay, almost everything -- steps, words, syllables in words. It's the only way I can sit still or stay focused, or at least appear to.

4. I can smell ants.

5. I wear multiple pairs of dangling earrings, because I like the way they sound when I move my head.

6. I can never remember how many feet are in a mile -- is it 5,280 or 5,820?

Okay, I'll stop there -- really, the other six or several hundred weird things about me are terribly boring!

I'm tagging -- only Danielle -- everyone else I visited has already been tagged at least once, some twice!

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