Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ice Skating!

On Tuesday, we went ice skating in Rio Rancho with the tribe. Everyone had a fabulous time. And I got lots of pictures, so I'll just put them up here with a caption for each one.

Andy, getting a feel for the ice. Both boys enjoy rollerblading -- self-taught, since neither Gary or I can skate -- so they were pretty confident getting out on the ice.

Jenny with Dan & Scotty. Luck for us, Jenny ice skates, so the kids had an adult on the ice with them.

Jenny and Eliza on the ice

Andy, sleeves flapping the breeze.

Andy & Dan, with Jenny in the background

Scotty & Eliza found the arcade and enjoyed the different car games there.

Conor and Dan over hot chocolate during a break from the ice

Scotty & Dan over cocoa

Parker and Dan, racing around on the ice. It was also Parker's first time on ice, tho he does rollerblade. The most notable thing Dan & Parker have in common, tho, is that both are fearless daredevils, who'll take almost any challenge.

Beth & Emma on the ice. I really enjoyed watching Emma become more confident on the ice as the day went along.
Dan, hiding behind Jazzy. Jazzy was very popular with younger kids on the ice.

Dan, racing around on the ice. We'd only been there about 15 minutes when he told me "I want to stop soccer and play hockey!" On the ride home, he decided he'd just do both, hoping the seasons don't overlap. I'm starting to see lots of bleacher time in my future!

Dan & Conor on the ice.

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DaikiniCrossroads ~Crystal~ said...

I cannot believe that here I plan it and we can't be there. BUMMER...can't wait until the 23rd! Great pics!