Thursday, January 11, 2007

Snow and music at Explora

Last Thursday, we spend a couple of hours at Explora. The boys really enjoyed the new sound exhibit area -- lots of cool sound toys. I only got a few picures because so much of our time was spent trying out the stuff! Andy playing a xylophone with wooden slats.
Dan playing the xylophone with glass slats.

Even a week after the big snow, there was enough snow to build a snowman on the rooftop sitting area at Explora. Usually this area has a supply of building board to make houses. Now those are boxed up and it's just lots and lots of snow.

After the boys knocked off the first head from the snowman, Dan added this little head.

Here's Andy with his finished snowman -- note the big smile on the snowman's face. This is before he had his head knocked off by Dan.
And yes, Andy is in flip-flops and Dan has no coat -- even in a real winter, these are desert kids!

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