Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Years Day with the Tribe

We spent New Years Day at the Millers' home and a had a fabulous time. Lots of food, games and fun all swirling around with excited children. It was a challenge in some spots to get to our destination -- remember all the snow we had just a few days ago. Sure, most major roads are cleared -- tho there's still daily melt-off that turns to ice at dark -- but neighborhood streets on New Year's Day were packed and kinda slippery in places. Some folks didn't make it because of the roads, but enough arrived for a really nice time.

Earlier in the day, I got stuck in the Albertson's parking lot and had to be pushed, then on the way home, a van was stuck blocking the entire road. He didn't start backing until I was just one house away, so when he got stuck I had to back two blocks out to the better road. Amazingly, given how poorly I back, I didn't hit anyone or anything! The road was too snow-packed to even consider turning around.

Eliza running off for more adventure-- I just loved the expression on her face!

Scotty -- I have no idea why I got that face. I just called his name, camera at the ready, as he walked by.

Gary & Eliza playing together. At one point in the day, Eliza said to Gary "You always call me beautiful (he does) -- don't call me that." When he asked what he should call her, she replied "just Eliza!" Okay, Eliza it is.

Jenny with Eliza, looking tired but ready to run off anyway.
Jenny and the kids missed the Thanks-giving party so it was nice to have them here for New Year's.

Jenny, Eliza, Scotty, Dan, and some others as the boys check out Jenny's camera.

Scotty & Dan dancing while Parker plays Guitar Hero -- I think Scotty was doing something butt-related in his dance.

Spencer playing Guitar Hero
Gary caught this shot of the sunset over snowy roofs, taken from the Millers' backyard.


Jenny said...

Bwahahahah! Scotty is often doing something butt-related.

Great photos! You remind me that I need to get my blog updated too. Off to do that now......

DaikiniCrossroads ~Crystal~ said...

You captured our beautiful day. I've linked it on my blog.
Great pics.